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Architectural Design

JPD employs a research oriented approach that provides a solid foundation for the design process.  Clients are carefully listened to and their thoughts and objectives are respected with neutrality. Further, JPD understands that the built environment has the ability to lift one's ‘psyche’, hence, the firm strives to create lively active environments that in their physical presence positively impact the user while promoting efficiency and productiveness.


For JPD the process begins with an assessment of each project for opportunities and constraints within the space program and an analysis of the physical nature of the volume, shade, light and textures of existing buildings and neighborhoods. Issues of identity, circulation, safety, ADA, as well as, adaptability for various uses are integral parts of the design process. With this said, issues of cost, context, harmony, the physical nature of existing structures and the fabric of their larger neighborhood are not ignored.

At JPD, unique spatial experiences are achieved through the incorporation of art into the design process whenever possible, the thoughtful and conscious use of ordinary building materials in new and exciting ways, research of all furnishings and finishes with particular attention paid to colors, natural and artificial lighting, wall treatments, floor finishes, architectural detailing and environmental graphics.


As a design firm, JPD pursues ‘Design Excellence’ and the firm’s knowledge base, along with the staff’s professional aptitude, makes JPD a valuable asset to any client.


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