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JPD has a strong interest in urban design strategies and seeks to affect the built environment by creating innovative design solutions for buildings, as well as, the spaces between the buildings.

JPD's streetscape design process begins with a research oriented analysis of the street structure, existing building types and street wall, trees and other plantings, sidewalks, lighting and street appurtenances.

The final design palette is always contextually appropriate and utilizes materials that have been tried and proven in terms of low maintenance and durability.


JPD understands that the built environment has the ability to lift one's psyche, hence, the firm seeks to address streetscape environments with a lively and active form of what it calls 'Artitecture' that incorporates art as an integral part of the design process.

JPD’s ultimate goal with all streetscape projects is to 1) Enhance the legibility of the environment, 2) Brand local communities and 3) Foster stewardship of the public realm.


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