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Feasibility Studies


From time to time, public and private sector clients require an assessment of the practicability of capital improvements and/ or routine maintenance projects, a building renovation or development plan.


JPD is adept at inspecting existing buildings to assess and evaluate minor, as well as, major defects in a structure’s interior (including finishes), the exterior envelope, building systems, appurtenances and space use.


When changes are being proposed to space use or configuration, JPD will often meet with stakeholders to ascertain their current needs and to discuss future needs to the degree possible.


In the case of minor to gut-rehabilitation of a structure, JPD performs the same evaluation indicated above with a focus on the building envelope, structure and MEP systems. When an addition or change in use is being considered, a zoning analysis is performed. 


In all cases, JPD executes a cost benefit analysis to determine feasibility and final recommendation(s).


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