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Sustainability/ Net Zero

JPD has extensive experience in the design of affordable housing projects that historically utilized NYC’s HPD high efficiency specifications and more recently, NYS/ NYC Energy Conservation Construction Codes. Most recently, JPD worked with Project Restore for NYCHA’s Small Homes Rehab Program to complete several ’Passive House’ projects and today the firm is pushing the envelope in pursuit of ‘Net Zero’.


At JPD, Green Building elements are heavily considered throughout the design process. JPD assesses every project for opportunities to implement ‘green design strategies’ and for potential LEED certification. Most projects automatically receive points toward LEED certification based on their location and proximity to public transportation. With Net Zero in mind, JPD rigorously assesses each site to ensure proper soil fertility, aeration and minimal to no need for irrigation, no net increase in storm water run-off, light pollution reduction, waste management, air change effectiveness of mechanical ventilation systems and usage of materials that have low to no VOC and/or formaldehyde.


Given a project’s budget and time constraints, recycling during and after construction is generally investigated very early in the process to ascertain whether or not this effort will adversely affect a project’s budget or timeline. Additionally, special consideration is given to recycled materials, regional materials and rapidly renewable materials for specification. Ultimately, JPD must balance ‘Net Zero’ goals with each client’s budgetary and scheduling constraints.


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