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Community Visioning


Over the years JPD has developed particular expertise in the facilitation of community development projects where its ability to work and effectively relate to a variety of constituencies has been tried and perfected. 

Work in this area has included extensive research, planning, programming and visioning services for multi-stake clients with a focus on consensus building as an initial step toward stewardship. Representative work -- Community Redevelopment of Annunciation Park for the NYC Parks Department, The Harlem Gateway (110th Street and Central Park North), facilitation of Aaron Davis Hall’s Visioning that resulted in Harlem Stage, Philadelphia’s Allegheny West: Bright Light Trail and Heritage Health and Housing’s, Hamilton Heights Village Demonstration Streetscape.

Most recently, JPD conducted a series of public meetings with a diverse group of stakeholders for the National Park Service as a consultant for the writing of a General Management Plan/ Environmental Assessment Amendment for Hamilton Grange, located in New York City. Typical to the community visioning process is one or more community meetings, charrette sessions and sometimes the development of questionnaires and/ or communication plans to ensure the voices of local residents are heard and respected. In order to ensure this outcome, JPD employs a simple strategy: Listen, listen and listen some more.


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